The Long Slow Grind

It’s November and as such it’s only three more weeks to the most glorious of turkey-based holidays. But like I said, it’s three more god forsaken weeks. A veritable no man’s land of deadlines and midterms. Yes, it seems life won’t be content allowing me to merely enjoy my turkey day, it has to go ahead […]

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Trouble in Rut-Vegas

As you may well know, I hail from the great state of Vermont. And I love the place with all my heart. From our quaint rural style, to our glorious maple syrup, to our weird-ass whale statue that no one seems to understand. Hell I love Vermont so much, if it ever decided to secede […]

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Clip of the Week

It’s finally that time of year, Autumn! It’s a time to sit back and drink some apple cider while watching pumpkins get launched out of an air cannon at 300 miles per hour. Few things are better than living in Vermont in the fall, which is the only downside to going to school in Georgia. Maybe it was partly my deprivation of all things autumn that caused me to laugh so hard at this week’s clip, but either way it is amazing. And for the record, everything they talk about sounds delicious. So enjoy this week’s clip of the week, simply titled: Apple Pickers

I’m pissed I missed apple picking season this year.

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The Darkest of Days

I come to you today, bearing terrible news. Yea, once there was a man with unparalleled charm and wit. He gathered the masses and spread stories and fables of politics and economics. As his following grew we showered him with praise. Gifts, he was given for the accomplishments he had made. We looked up to him […]

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Culture Shock part 2

Hey remember all that stuff I said about how life in Georgia really isn’t all that different from life in Vermont? Of course you do, it was one of my most popular posts (like weirdly so). Yeah, well, I changed my mind, Georgia is actually pretty different. You see Vermont is incredibly sheltered. Everyone has pretty […]

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When I say #FoodPorn, I am not referring to making baked goods resemble the act of mating. No that kind of vulgarity has no place on my blog, only in band class. Actually I’m not really sure what #FoodPorn means, then again what does any hashtag really mean? Well if you’re as confused as I […]

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