Adventures in Clarksville #7

After a week on hiatus, Adventures in Clarksville is back! The following episode has been edited from it’s original version.  Click here to catch up on what you’ve missed so far. So get ready to behold the new-ish and slightly altered Adventures in Clarksville now with non-misleading titles! Today’s episode: The Party’s End While Adam and Carly were upstairs […]

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The Party

Welcome to yet another episode of my recurring series: Adventures in Clarksville! (It’s friday what did you expect?) Jason, Tommy, Adam, Carly, and Karen each sat in front of their computers at their respective houses playing League of Legends, and chatting over skype. They were doing well that night, they won their first two games, and […]

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Locked Out

So the other night I was relaxing, wasting my time working for stuff the blog which you will undoubtedly not care about. I realized it was getting late, so I grabbed my toothbrush, my tooth paste, and set out to brush my teeth. A funny thing happened then. The door closed with a resounding click, […]

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