Gilmo’s Rules to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Tacos

  • It’s not official until it’s on Facebook.
  • You’re never too old to play with Legos.
  • You can’t play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving.
  • You just ain’t swaggin’ if your pants ain’t saggin’.
  • Something about tacos.
  • There’s no problem that can’t be solved with lasers and giant robots.
  • Never drive nostalgic
  • Don’t get your life advice from random blogs on the Internet, except mine.
  • Never turn down free cookies.
  • When in doubt, draw a Giraffe.
  • Don’t you, forget about me!
  • If someone points at you, you say “yeah” NO MATTER WHAT.
  • Always know how you’re being ironic.
  • Comedy is the world’s best medicine
  • The answer to irrationality is ALWAYS more irrationality.
  • It’s not true unless you believe it.
  • Social interaction is good for the soul.
  • Just deal with it.
  • There’s no room for pleasantries in Fantasy Football
  • Always remember, nobody cares.
  • Bros don’t let bros fantasize about goats.
  • Always ask yourself, where’s the funny.
  • Don’t waste your time talking about what you’re going to do, go do it.
  • Never ignore a dream about burritos.
  • Never get between a man and his tater tots.
  • Every Playlist should end with Dave Matthews.
  • Only noobs camp.
  • Give me lolz or give me death!
  • There’s nothing you can’t do with Duck Tape
  • Don’t be dumb.

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