Big G’s Book Club

Every semester we here at Gilmo’s World pick out a fine selection of tomes to spend the nights reading in the pale moonlight. Oh how the light dances upon the page as dreams of far away lands skedaddle through our minds. Anyways, Every spring, summer, and fall we make a list of books and then, you guessed it, we read them!

Yes, much read
Yes, much read

Just Published:

The Spring 2015 Reading List is here! The books for this semester’s list are:

  • The Zombie Survival Guide– Max Brooks
  • The Martian– Andy Weir
  • What If?– Randall Munroe
  • Hot Zone– Richard Preston

Now get reading ya bust!

How to Get Involved?

If you want to join Big G’s Book Club, well alright! To participate all you gots to do is read, simple as that. Stay tuned for when we announce the reading list, then simply grab a copy and follow along in our collective literary adventures! At the end of the season we’ll post a great long article talking all about what we thought of the books, and we invite you to join in on the discussion and tell us what you thought.

Ugh, no character development whatsoever
Ugh, no character development whatsoever

This Isn’t Like All Those Other Book Clubs Is It?

We’re not Oprah, and frankly we think it’d be kinda weird if we were. We don’t charge a fee, we don’t mandate participation and we don’t send you the books on our reading list. In fact, we don’t even know what a book club is! So we can only assume that we are the way cooler, non-mainstream version of whatever it is most book clubs do. But if you’re too cool for our book club, that’s fine, feel free to participate as much or as little as possible, frankly it doesn’t make any difference to us, we were gonna read those books anyways.


Can I Suggest Books to Read?

If you have a great idea for a book to add to the old reading list, cool…I guess. I suppose you could try emailing it to us at, but picking the books is kinda our thing, so don’t get your hopes up.


So What’s The Catch?

Ugh, there is no catch, and frankly we’re a little offended that you would even insinuate that there is. Honestly, not sure why you would think there was a catch, it’s literally just a list of books.

I'm confused as to why you would think otherwise
I’m confused as to why you would think otherwise

So When Do I Start?

Right now you old goof! If this season’s reading list is already in progress, don’t fret newbies are always welcome. If this season’s reading list has already ended, you can either wait for the next season’s list, or catch-up on some of the reading you’ve missed while you were wasting your life not being part of Big G’s Book Club! Feel free to do whatever you want, there aren’t really any rules around here.


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