Cinematographic Achievements

The following is a number of sweet vids that you can check out all on your own by heading over to my youtube channel!

(Note: some of these videos are on my old/personal youtube channel)

Coming Soon: The Moistening

The world is gone. Humanity is doomed. The Earth we once knew has long since vanished, and two young boys must do whatever it takes to survive in this terrifying new world. Beware the Moistening in Director Matt Gilmartin’s (hey, that’s me!) first epic drama.

Sam is Happy:

What does it mean to be happy? And to what lengths will we go to reach that which we do not truly understand. In this riveting thought piece director Matt Gilmartin (me) explores what it is that happiness is made of, and how it is that we, as human, can achieve such sweet bliss.

Michael Eats in Slow Motion:

It is exactly what the title says…


Does life imitate art? Or does art imitate live? I have no idea, but this shit sure is artsy.

Breaking Point:

Many in life is conflict, war, confrontation. Breaking Point sees the director Matt Gilmartin (still me), diverge from his usual style, and head straight for the heart strings. Sometimes sanity…is hard to find.


Enter the life of a man who is totally and completely alone. Watch as he struggles to comes to terms with his current paradigm. You will laugh, you will cry, you will (hopefully) laugh some more in Matt Gilmartin’s (me) first cinematic masterpiece.