I was going to call this post ‘The Hallowed Halcyon of Things that Don’t Matter’, but the data demons over at google told me that wasn’t clickbait-y enough so I changed it. Man they really have a fetish for misleading exclamatory titles. Having said that, I should qualify that statement. Grammar doesn’t matter…to a point, […]



3 Days Until the weekend. 6 Days Until I go home. 8 Days Until Thanksgiving. 9 Days Until Brosgiving. 23 Days Until the End of the semester. 30 Days Until Star Wars. 37 Days Until Christmas. 68 Days Until Australia Day. 82 Days Until Pancake Day. 169 Days Until the End of the School Year. […]

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Star Wars Speculation

Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god you guys. STAR WARS! It’s Back! The greatest film franchise in all of human history is making a return THIS YEAR! Gaaaaaaah, the excitement is too much to handle. Han, Luke, Chewie, Leia, R2D2, C3PO, THEY’RE ALL COMING BACK YOU GUYS!!!! I honestly […]

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The Box In Which I Habitate

For a while now people have been asking me, “Matt when are you going to show us your new apartment?” “Matt when are you going to start posting again?” “Matt when are you going to stop being such a reclusive asshole?” My response to which is, wow that got hostile there at the end. No […]

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