Thoughts on the Apple Watch

Let’s get topical! The Apple Watch comes out soon, and the hype is downright tangible. Everyone is waiting to see if the Apple Watch will end up just like every other Apple product in the past 20 years (that is, stupidly successful). I’ve got a few impressions, but right off the bat let me just say, it’s […]

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To The Moon!

I have a dream, though it’s decidedly less terrestrial than MLK’s. I’m standing on a hill,  staring out over the vastness of space. Only I’m not standing on Earth, I’m standing on the moon, and decked out in a sweet ass spaceman suit. Slowly the Earth rises over the horizon. And as I stare out […]

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On Flying

I don’t care how cliche it sounds, I hate flying, and that’s coming from an aerospace major. I feel I should elaborate. The act of flying itself, putting aside the obnoxious travelers and disgruntled TSA agents, is quite beautiful (but you expect as much coming from an aerospace major). Soaring above the clouds, the entire world […]

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The Most Dangerous (Video) Game

Let me clarify, when I say, “the most dangerous video game,” I don’t mean a video game in which you hunt people, there’s plenty of those. No, what I really mean is the most badass game ever. That’s right, on top of blogging, cinematography, fire making, and bird feeding, I’m adding game developer to my […]

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