SpaceX Go Boom

Boy oh boy it has been an exciting few weeks for space. NASA launched Osiris REX which is going to fly out to asteroid Bennu take a little bite out of the surface, and send it back to earth. And then there was the SpaceX rocket that exploded, which was awesome! Well…it wasn’t awesome for SpaceX, […]

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How Fast is Light? -Dumb Questions

Welcome back to dumb questions, the show where we ask dumber and dumber questions until we break science. Today’s question is, how fast is light? As you can probably guess, really damn fast. Light, which is composed of pure energy travels at 3×10^8 meters per second, or in pleb-speak 671 million mph. By comparison the fastest […]

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Dumb Questions: The Moon

Today I’m launching what may or may not be a new series: Dumb Questions. In school teachers often say there’s no such thing as a dumb question, well I’m out to prove them wrong. The idea is this, start with a simple question: How far away is the moon? and keep going further and further […]

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