Welcome to Ireland

Ok, wow. I’d like to issue a massive apology. Over the past couple of weeks I have let Gilmo’s World fall into major disrepair. In the time since I’ve posted last I took all my exams, I flew home, the apple watch was released, I went to Boston, I played a ton of GTA, I […]

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Exam Week Update

Exam week keeps on going…for some reason. Well, I’m happy to report I am more than halfway done! Yes, I have now completed 3 of my 5 exams for a grand total of 60% completion. Overall they’ve gone well, although I did run into one little…snafu. So on Tuesday I took my Physics II exam. […]

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Exam Week 2014

Today marks the beginning of exam week, or as I have taken to calling it: “5 Exams, 5 Days!” That way it sounds more like an epic drama than a grueling series of 3-hour tests with the potential to derail all my hopes and dreams. Haha ha…ha. No, it won’t be that bad. Two of […]

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Study Music

I love music. Simple as that. whenever I’m doing anything that doesn’t involve actively listening to something, or paying a great deal of attention to whatever I’m doing (and even sometimes when I am) I’m listening to music. Studying is no exception. In fact I find that the key to a good study session is […]

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The ABC’s of College

Come and sit my friend, while I tell you a tale. It’s got action, it’s got romance, and a surprising amount of shale. Ok I lied, there isn’t any shale, but come on it’s hard, what rhymes with “tale”?! Quick we’ve much to discuss, so come now my child, although I’ll warn you, this one […]

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College Fatigue

Everyone goes into college with the exact same attitude. Every new semester starts with some mix of pure excitement, and naive optimism. This year I’m finally going to start studying for my exams! I’m going to be so outgoing this year, I’m gonna keep my door open and everything! I am going to clean my […]

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