Turning 20

I turn 20 today, and I’m not entirely sure how to feel. 20 doesn’t come with all the perks that 18 or 21 have. Nothing’s changed all that much from last year. I don’t have any new rights or privileges afforded to me. I still can’t drink (in America), and I’m still not old enough […]

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America is Ready

Esteemed Representatives of the 113th Congress of the United States of America, I come before you today to speak about a matter of great importance┬áto myself, and to my country. For most of the 21st century the United States has been a nation plagued by conflict. Whether it be bloody battles overseas, or legislative ones […]

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Aw crap. It’s friday, and I don’t have anything to write about. At least on monday I had Ender’s Game to talk about. Well poop. I guess I could kill time by telling you what’s going on in my life. So here’s the deal, incase you haven’t heard (or clicked on any of my links) […]

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Blog Post Arrogance

Whenever I post something on this here blog and it does well I go through something I like to call: Blog Post Arrogance. You may not care, but this is my blog, and I promised you a look inside my mind, and it’s midnight and I can’t get to sleep until I write these thoughts […]

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The Future

So I just wasted the past hour and a half watching two guys play Halo. Well it wasn’t quite that simple, it was Bernie Burns and Gavin Free from Rooster Teeth (the people behind Red Vs. Blue) talking about Griffball, Slow Mo Guys and ultimately how Gavin started working at Rooster Teeth. It was actually […]

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The Last Waltz

Michaela– Friends from the beginning, and we had some baller tea parties. One of my few regrets is letting us grow apart. I’ve always cherished those memories from way back yonder. I also loved the chance to get to know you again this year in PL. Sam (S)- To my fellow member of Team Lugia, […]

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