Valentime’s Day

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, and I have been trying (and failing) to write something fun and witty for the past like 5 hours. Well I give up. I don’t know what to say on the matter.  So here’s all the random crap I thought up while trying to write about Valentine’s Day.  It’s almost Valentine’s […]

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My Dream Girl

People ask me all the time, and by people I mean Brian asks me all the time, “Matt what is your dream girl like.” Now the lame truth is up until recently (the past few years) I hadn’t really thought about it. I’m mean sure I’ve thought about dating and relationships, but not in terms […]

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Come take a seat and let me tell you a story. Many years ago there were two best friends, some might call them the two best friends that anyone could have, but I’m pretty sure that phrase is copyrighted so I shan’t. Together they sailed the ocean blue, or at least the waters of the […]

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Public Displays of Affection

Let me begin by saying, I hate you and your incessant PDA. It seems everywhere I go to animals can’t keep their junk in their pants. It’s so annoying. If I wanted to watch two people grope each other I’d go to Sam’s room (Haha, Brian knows what I’m talking about!). Let just list off […]

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Valentine’s Day Part 2

Some of you will probably remember that odd post I made on Valentine’s Day, well let me take a moment to catch you up on the situation. Way back yonder on Valentine’s Day, after a great deal of contemplation, I decided to send that girl I’ve been talking about, a Valentine. I figured, hey it’s […]

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Valentine’s Day

Well it’s here again. The day when the couple of the world openly try to make single people feel inadequate. Being single on Valentine’s day is like…like….I’m sorry I’m a bit distracted tonight. They say you learn something new everyday, and today I learned that I suck at talking to pretty girls. To fill yo […]

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