The Siren- Tales of Mystery #2

As you stare across the beautiful abyss, a gorgeous siren approaches. “Greetings wary traveler” she beckons with a voice of gold, “may chance you could spare a trifle for a dear mistress.” Entranced by her mesmerizing fish-half you bid her to continue. “Methinks you a mighty adventurer, I seek a mighty and powerful mate so […]

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Matt’s Photoblog Monthly: October

Oh man, it’s November. Time to do another installment of Matt’s Photoblog Monthly! Here’s some pictures I took last month.

Look here’s a panorama from when we stormed the field for some reason.

I can see so many pans, and oramas!
I can see so many pans, and oramas!

Oh man, look at all those people. Thank iPhone!

Here’s a picture of a flower.

So flowery
So flowery

Yeah…It’s a flower.

Here’s the least blurry photo from the Hoodie Allen Concert

Funny how Hoodie doesn't wear a hoodie
Funny how Hoodie doesn’t wear a hoodie

If you look really closely it looks like he’s ejaculating into that guy’s eye. Oh, silly Hoodie, that’s not very appropriate.

I got real angry and put on my best Dragon Ball Z face

My power is over 9000...or something
My power is over 9000…or something

Gonna be honest, never watched that show, but I’m not one to pass up a spiky hair moment.

And lastly a blurry picture of me looking ominously out a window at 2 in the morning because I couldn’t sleep.


One day I'll figure out how to zoom
One day I’ll figure out how to zoom

And that’s it. That’s all I got. Come back next month who know’s maybe I’ll actually have better photos by then.

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