Follow-Up: Real Talk

So this is a first. I’ve never received such uplifting feedback to a post except for that time Brian offered to suck my dick (I’m flattered Brian, but I’m good). So, I don’t know what I said in my last post, hell, I haven’t even read it, but I want to assure everyone, we cool. I’m fifty-fifty split on this, half of me thinks this is hilarious, the other half is annoyed because I don’t want people thinking I’m sad/lonley/depressed. I would like to assure all of you the G-man is feeling good (remind me never to call myself G-man again).

Ok, so everybody who messaged me to say, “Hey Matt, you know I still read your blog!” First off, thank you, your patronage is very fulfilling. And second off, I never meant to imply that you don’t. I like to joke about how no one reads my blog because on a cosmic scale, its true, but I recognize that there are a bunch of you guys who read this garbage pretty regularly. I have the data analytics, I know everything. Thirdly, don’t worry I’m not going to call you out. I did that whole “fuck you Ronak” thing because I think it’s really fucking funny, and because he’s a really good friend. More than anything I just wanted to see what he would say.

So to reiterate. I’m awesome. You’re awesome. Everything is awesome, and we’re all going to be friends forever.