I CAN SEE THE FUTURE- and other plans for 2016

Woot Woot, first post of 2016!

Alright! Time to start the new year off right. Given that it is a new year, and I’ve run out of Star Wars stuff to talk about, I think it’s about time I laid out my plan for this year. I mean I guess I kind of already did that in that gushy new year’s eve post, but who cares! Let’s talk mundane scheduling information!

Yay my favorite!

First thing’s first, while I get back into the swing of writing these things, please feel free to abandon any inklings you had of regular weekly content. At least for the time being i’ll publish when I publish. I know all you fan like to go running to my blog every Monday Wednesday and Friday at 6pm (am I the only one who thinks its weird that days of the week are capitalized?), to catch my regular thought vomits, but don’t. Maybe at some point, i’ll get back into that, but don’t get your hopes up.

Is it just me or did this blog get super basic all of the sudden.
Is it just me or did this blog get super basic all of the sudden.

Now for upcoming content. I have decided that Dorngeons and Dorgans (and yes that is the name, at least until I can think of another one) will become a regular series, in part because it’s fun, and also because I put a stupid amount of time into that thing, and won’t be able to do it for a while until either I go home, or find another group of people to do it with. Furthermore I have a few other projects I’m working on, I hope to get my photoblog up and running again, as well as that book club thing. Oh and my first dramatic film will be releasing in the next few weeks, stay tuned for a release date so that you can completely ignore it.

Now for the fun stuff, canceled shows. You ready? Adventures in Clarksville, CANCELED (it wasn’t already?)! Matt’s photoblog monthly, CANCELED (my photoblog will still be around though)! Clip of the Week, CANCELED! Other things, CANCELED! Essentially what I’m trying to do is start over…sort of. I’m wiping the slate clean! All that BS that I did like three times, and called it a show, I’m getting rid of it (for new BS that I will write four times and call it a show).

I call it the circle of series
I call it the circle of series…es

My overall goal for this year is increasing both quality and production value. So look forward to that. And, uh, I guess subscribe to my blog if you haven’t already, because otherwise you will have no freaking idea when I post stuff.

Hell, I don't even know most of the time
Hell, I don’t even know most of the time

Or don’t…I guess.