Back to School and Whatnot

Holy crap classes are back in session already. And after 10 weeks of studying abroad let me tell that there is no where I would rather be than anywhere but here. Let me make a recommendation, if you ever have the opportunity to take classes over the summer, don’t it’s totally not worth it. Don’t get me wrong Ireland was great, but I have now been taking classes for 18 straight months and I think my brain may be literally disintegrating.


Now I realize I’ve been lagging on my usual routine, but hey, I’ve been busy, ok. Last night was the first time I had a full night’s sleep in like three weeks. Anyways, when last we spoke, it was finals week. One exam and two research papers later, we all said our good byes, drank the campus bar dry, and headed on our separate ways.

Sorry I had to

Anyways while most people went home to the states, I did not. You see, my brother and sister, jealous at my galavanting around Europe (really just Ireland), decided to pay me a visit, and together we spent a week galavanting around the UK. We visited the homestead, walked around Edinburgh, and took a hike in the Highlands.


Yes yes, it was all great fun, but then it came time to go home (for real this time). From Monday, until Friday it was nothing but fires and smash bros, hanging out with my friends and having a good time. I was planning on essentially living at my friend’s house to maximize chilling time, but then I ate all the cookies I was going to give him as a house-warming present, so I stayed home.

It's k he's kind of a weird person anyways
It’s k he’s kind of a weird person anyways

It was a pretty nice week, that is except for the 4 days I spent trying to upgrade my PC to Windows 10, but then again, what can you expect from an inferior operating system (#AppleFanBoy). Although it was only a week I got to do just about everything I wanted to do. I got my pulled pork, I got my Five Guys, I got my s’mores. The only thing I didn’t get to do was play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends EVEN THOUGH I SPENT A LOT OF TIME WORKING ON THAT CAMPAIGN. It’s ok though, I made them all halfling clerics.

LOLZ have fun making saving throws with that -2 intelligence!
LOLZ have fun making saving throws with your  -2 intelligence!

Well after that failed attempt at raising my nerd cred to Dungeon Master status I made my way back to Georgia Tech where I am now. And that means moving into our next (and hopefully last) apartment (well technically its a house, but you get the idea). This one is off campus in the land of Home Park, also known as that place from all the crime alerts. I’m mostly kidding of course, Home Park isn’t that bad, its mostly just our block that looks sketchy, in part because of the construction going on across the street. The house itself is pretty nice. Well except for when it flooded our first day here. There’s just something intrinsically likable about having our own house. Its ours, you know, no RA’s, no fire drills, no communal bathrooms, just four dudes and a whole lot of room for activities.

For real though, too much room for activities

We have zero furniture right now. In part it’s because organizing group furniture purchases is difficult, and also because no one wants to be the guy who has to carry a couch 10 blocks to the house. It’s a work in progress, but we are making progress. My friends literally just left to go pick up an air hockey table, because at some point it was decided that an air hockey table is a satisfactory eating surface. But whatever, I like air hockey so, we’ll see what they come back with.

As for me, my bedroom is coming along pretty nicely. I had all of my furniture delivered, which was nice, because it meant that my mattress was already here when I arrived. But on the other hand it was not so nice because it took until tuesday for the rest of my stuff to come. Which meant I had to eat my Chef Boyardee while sitting on the floor like an asshole.

I did feel like quite the rebel eating in bed though.
I did feel like quite the rebel eating in bed though.

Anyways, I have to start doing work again, which is a major bummer, but on the other hand it’s great for you guys, because it means more opportunities for procrastination! I’m taking a pretty heavy load this year, 17 credits instead of the usual 14 or 15. I’m not sure if I’m subconsciously trying to kill myself, or if I just have some sort of suppressed masochistic fetish, but it’s sure to be a fun year!! Here’s to another semester of hard work and procrastination!

I’m still working on getting everything situated here, and getting the pipeline back up and running, so please try to be patient in the meantime, the schedule is sure to be unpredictable for the next weeks or so.