The Siren- Tales of Mystery #2


As you stare across the beautiful abyss, a gorgeous siren approaches. “Greetings wary traveler” she beckons with a voice of gold, “may chance you could spare a trifle for a dear mistress.” Entranced by her mesmerizing fish-half you bid her to continue. “Methinks you a mighty adventurer, I seek a mighty and powerful mate so as to make that slut Becky jealous. Won’t thee accompany me to the mermaid realm for a betrothal?” Speechless you nod your head. Taking your hand she leads you to the water where the two of you swim hand in hand towards the mermaid realm. ‘Tis a dream come true, thou hast always wanted to marry a mermaid, and a top-half no less. As the two of you swim deeper and deeper the light begins to fade until you can see nothing but darkness. You begin to panic, this beautiful siren is a far better swimmer than thou, if the two of you to were to become separated, you would nary be able to find her. As you dive deeper still a small light begins to appear in the distance. Slowly the dot grows into a blob, and the blog into an ellipsoid. The further you swim the larger it grows until an entire cityscape lies before you. As your anxiety  wanes you marvel at the enormous city, a glorious shining beacon in the abyss. The siren turns to you and beckons, “come closer my dear I wish to kiss you in celebration of our arrival in Mermaid City.” You turn to her in a loving embrace, and move to kiss the mermaid princess. But as your lips touch you remember that you have not breathed in a very long time. Silly human, you have drowned!


If you like that we encourage you to check out [Last Name] Photography, it’s a great place where cool people like to hangout, also they’re the ones who helped us write this piece so if you hate it blame them.