Matt’s Photoblog Monthly: March 2015

Haha! You thought I forgot about my photoblog monthly didn’t you! Well that’s because…I did. But hey I remembered, and so I’m back with more pretty pictures. Anyways let’s get to it, here’s “Matt’s Photoblog Monthly: March”

IMG_3155Starting things off nicely here. This is my little rascal of a puppy Seamus. My only complaint with this picture is that his leash is blurry and sticks out a lot, but hey, you try getting a 12-week old puppy to sit still for longer than 5 seconds.

IMG_3236As is the case with most of my pictures, this guy is 8 inches from perfect. The lighting is great, the contrast is fabulous, for once the subject is perfectly in focus. Aaaaand there’s a branch in the way, obscuring his face. Ugh, if only I was better at photoshop I might be able to fix this one.

IMG_3251It wouldn’t be spring without a few cherry blossoms. It was close one though, by the time I got back from break they had almost finished blossoming. But I managed to snap a few pictures before they went away.



Yup, more flowers. The nice thing about spring is all the color, which makes for some nice photos. The focus could be better, but given how much of a gross mess this tree was, I feel okay about this one.


Look at how in focus that fly is, so much detail! Sorry, but it took me forever to get that fly in focus (mostly because I was using the wrong kind of lens). Luckily it decided to be cooperatively otherwise you wouldn’t be able to see this a-mazing picture!



Yeah not much to say, just another bird, but I like his little shadow on the ground there so I decided to throw it in. I will say though, he looks rather grumpy, almost as if he’s annoyed at having a big camera shoved in his face.
And as a token of gratitude for making it all the way through my boring self-congratulatory photoblog, here’s a picture of Luke Skywalker with a shark for a head.

Shark Hamill 1Aaaaan another:

Shark Hamill 2