What are we Doing for April Fool’s Day?

  • Replacing all the airbags in your car with whoopee cushions.
  • Invading Poland.
  • Convincing everyone we’re the last surviving member of the Wu Tang Clang.
  • Replacing those jars of urine with lemonade.
  • Tear Gassing the Biomedical Engineering Department.
  • Leaking the new Sharkira Album.
Jokes on you it's the same album from 2006
Jokes on you it’s the same album from 2006
  • Eating all the Pop Tarts.
  • Infiltrating the Spanish Mafia.
  • Farting. Just all the time farting.
  • Solving the Israeli-Palesinian Conflict.
  • Screaming “APRIL FOOLS” after getting rejected by the girl of our dreams.
  • Replacing all the gatorade with powerade.
  • Releasing the trailer for our vlog.
  • Pretending to have friends.
  • Jumping out of a bush and yelling, “BOOGITY!”
  • Hiding in your bed.
  • Turning on Sticky Keys.
  • Taping fish to the backs of passers-by.
Don't ask, it's a French thing.
Don’t ask, it’s a French thing.
  • Golfing 12 under par.
  • Changing the language on your iPhones to Skrillex.
  • Spiking the Egg Nogg.
  • Playing Pac-Man on Google Maps.
  • Making it hail. 
  • Gyrating erotically on top of a park bench.
  • Forming a band, producing a number one jam, winning a grammy and revealing ourselves to be 3 naked mole rats and an albatross.
The band is named Three Naked Mole Rats and an Albatross
We’re calling ourselves Three Naked Mole Rats and an Albatross
  • Solving crimes in a full-body bedazzled spandex suit.
  • Finding a quarter in your ear.
  • Replacing all your prized possessions with sticky notes.
  • Pretending to be three kids in a trench coat pretending to be an adult.
  • Watching you while you sleep.
  • Unplugging the internet for like 2 minutes, just to see what will happen.
  • Crafting a fleet of origami swans.
Quiver in fear of like a million paper cuts
Quiver in fear of like a million paper cuts
  • Your mom
  • Putting so much food coloring in your kool aid that your pee turns red.
  • Stealing the crown jewels.
  • Replacing all the fluff with sour cream (and vice versa).
  • Standing right behind you.