The Great Trail- Tales of Mystery #1

So this is a little bit we started on [Last Name] Photography, and we liked it so much we thought we’d bring it over here to Gilmo’s World, mostly because none of you guys check out [Last Name] Photography. Seriously, you guys should check it out over there it’s pretty awesome! Anyways here goes.


You stand at the precipice of a great trail. The entire expanse of the known world lays before you. You can’t help but imagine the adventures to be had in the lands beyond. As your heart palpitates to the rhythm of the birds in the trees, you take your first glorious step down the trail dreaming of great quests, fearsome creatures, and bootylicious maidens. “Onward, to victory!” you cry, fearing neither beast nor man. “I can do anything, and I shall conquer these lands in the name of truth and justice!” you exclaim with the giddiness of a boy on prom night. Then you trip on a rock and die.


If you liked that you can read more on [Last Name] Photography, it’s fun and light and you can find lots more of the stupid stuff we think is funny. Oh and pretty pictures, there’s lots of pretty pictures!

Alright, enough of the shameless plugs, you’re free to go.

Ok, well just one last one.

For realizes, now we’re really done.