Boot, Rally, and Go Home

I have just come off one of the worst weeks in my life. Granted my natural disposition lies somewhere in the gray area between sunshine and unicorns, so the bar for bad weeks isn’t particularly high, but still, it was a pretty bad week. I have never failed a test in my life, but I failed that Differential Equations test alright. So now it’s time to stage a comeback worthy of only the greatest 80’s power ballads.

And like any great 80’s montage I’ve got my ass in gear. I sharpened my pencils, refilled my printer ink, and bought my books (probably should have done that awhile ago, but whatever). There is no room for failure, because if I don’t pass my classes they’ll tear down the Rec Center! No but seriously, if I fail any of my classes I won’t be able to go to Ireland in the summer and that would suck an ungodly amount of dick.

I think it’s impossible to be sad while watching Adventure Time

So I’ve started putting in the effort. It’s funny the amount of work you can get done when you get past the whole, “I’m awesome, I don’t need to do this”-thing. Surprise surprise, homework is actually useful. I’m starting to get my groove back, which as Irene Cara alluded to earlier, is a great feeling. The hardest thing to do right now is stay focused what with Spring Break right around the corner. All I want to do right now is go home and see my dog.

Ignore that other dog.
Oh yeah we got a new dog, and his name is Seamus, and he’s ADORABLE

And soon enough I will be home, snuggling with my scruffy buddy up there, but first I need to make my comeback. Clearly what I’ve been doing isn’t working, and so it’s time to turn things around. I’m ready. Here I come world, the name’s Matt Gilmartin, and I’m here to kick some ass.

And no I will not stop comparing myself to the girl from Flashdance.