2014: A Year in Pictures

The turkey’s all gone, the presents unwrapped, and the kwanza day miracles over. The New Year is here, it’s 2015 everybody! So in celebration of the new year, and in remembrance of the old one, I give to you: “Matt’s Photoblog Monthly: 2014: A Year in Pictures” (Play for full effect)

The year started off as it always does messin’ around with the gang, making Sam feel really uncomfortable.

he's gonna love seeing this picture up here
he’s gonna love seeing this picture up here

You couldn’t ask for a better group of guys, and I’m extraordinarily happy that we stay in touch despite being hundreds of miles apart. And though a lot has changed we’re still close as ever.

2014 marked the beginning of my second semester at school, and one I quite liked. All the dust had settled, I had made some friends, and figured my way around campus. It was a nice time, and I finally finished reading Lord of the Rings

Yes, much read
Yes, much read

Soon my first year at college was over, and the biggest hurdle crossed. I was no long some dumbass freshman, I was a real college student, I was an adult. What a terrifying and simultaneously exhilarating realization that is. At which point I quickly reverted to a childlike state to enjoy what is sure to be one of my last true summer breaks.


Went camping,

To answer your question: yes, I'm wearing Crocs.
To answer your question: yes, I’m wearing Crocs.

Went hiking


Went Cliff Jumping


Made a movie

Hell I even built a trebuchet!

But as great as the summer was it had to end, and so in August of 2014 I returned to school, wiser, and with a fancy camera around my neck.

Do it for the Snap

Which I subsequently used to take stupid pictures


What is this magical cube device?
What is this magical cube device?

Actually, Fall 2014 was probably my busiest semester, and I’m not just talking about classes. I went to a football game, and we stormed the field.

I can see so many pans, and oramas!
I can see so many pans, and oramas!

I went to see Hoodie Allen

err...well tried to anyways
err…well tried to anyways

I made some art!

Suck my bridge

I started a new blog!

It's pretty legit
I bet you forgot about that didn’t you?

And I found this freaking picture

Sorry, I couldn't resist
Sorry, I couldn’t resist

Overall it was a pretty good year. But I’d like to end on a bit of a sadder note if you don’t mind. At the end of this year one of my best friends, Ben, that bloke up at the top (not the one with a cup on his dick) moved away. And while I’m sure we’ll get together again, I know it’s probably going to be an awful long time until then. And so I made this video as one final goodbye.

We’ve had a fun time this past year, and I hope you and I can enjoy many more. As always thanks for the support, and thanks for reading all my silly thoughts.

Photo on 4-16-14 at 10.24 PM
I love you guys more than you could ever know.