Matt Goes Christmas Shopping

In what surely must be a Holiday record, I have managed to finish all of my Christmas shopping prior to the 25th. Impressive I know. I got some pretty good presents too, I think their recipients will be quite delighted. But as well as christmas shopping went this year it wasn’t without it’s fair share of drama.

Ok maybe drama is too strong a word, how about kerfuffle. Yes, that sounds nice, there are always a few holiday kerfuffles. Generally around the same time that I am off doing my christmas shopping, lots of other people are out and about doing theres, funny how that works. As you know I don’t particularly enjoy talking to people.

You tell ’em Jesus

But of course it’s the holidays so everyone and their mother wants to come up to me and ask about how school’s going. But of course I’ve largely gotten used to that, plus I’ve noticed people have started shutting up when I tell them I’m studying Aerospace Engineering. I call it the intellectual trump card.

Yes, it literally is Rocket Science

I was a tad disturbed the PHILIP HOLT DIDN’T SAY HI TO ME ON CHURCH STREET. I mean come on. You talk to a guy at scholar’s bowl like 5 times, and then a few months later it’s like I don’t even exist!

Why P-Holt why?

But the weirdest thing of all is the random people who have been casually waving to me. A few of the people I recognized, ok fine. I will say a quick wave is better than an awkward conversation. Some of them however, I most certainly did not know. Yeah, random guy from Barnes and Noble, I don’t know who you are, so can you please stop waving, it’s making me uncomfortable.

But it is a good excuse to bust out a Community gif

I’m exaggerating of course. My holiday shopping experience was largely uneventful this year. Plus I’ve got that whole “resting bitch face” thing (or whatever the male equivalent is) down tight. Being antisocial is fun!

On the Ninth day of Matt’s 12 days of Vaguely Religious Winter-Themed Festivities my true love gave to me:

9 Tweets-a-Tweeting

Screen Shot 2014-12-22 at 6.02.50 PM