Farts on Mars

While driving around on the 4th rock from the sun, the Curiosity has discovered something surprising. No, not further evidence that Mars, at one point, had standing lakes, we already knew that more or less. Curiosity has found everyone’s favorite anal secretion: METHANE!

No word on whether it came from Uranus

This is exciting, and not just because of the shear number of fart jokes that are now at my disposal, this is some of the strongest evidence we’ve ever had that Mars has or is currently harboring life. Marvin the Martian could very well be passing gas as we speak!

Marvin, have you been farting?

The spooky part is, it was a spike, meaning the methane levels quickly jumped up, and then fell back down over the course of about 6 months. Which means someone or something is both creating, and consequently destroying all that Methane. Now there are more than a few non-sentient processes that can create and destroy Methane, but it takes on the order of centuries to create and then destroy that much methane, not months, so something is a foot. Basically, things are looking peachy for life.

Go us!

This wasn’t even the best news we’ve gotten from space in the past few month. The New Horizon’s Probe woke up, and is closing in on an encounter with the world’s favorite dwarf-planet (pluto), the Orion Test Flight went wonderfully, and we landed on a comet (We meaning the Europeans), which I can assure you is not an easy thing to do. Much like Uranus, it’s pretty hard.


On the Fifth Day of Matt’s Vaguely Religious Winter-Themed Festivities my true love gave to me:

5 Plain Bagels

One might even call them “golden rings”