Exam Week Update

Exam week keeps on going…for some reason. Well, I’m happy to report I am more than halfway done! Yes, I have now completed 3 of my 5 exams for a grand total of 60% completion. Overall they’ve gone well, although I did run into one little…snafu.

So on Tuesday I took my Physics II exam. I was all prepared and stuff so I wasn’t too worried. The Exam was scheduled for 2:50 so at 2:40 my friend and I walked over there. We got there like a minute late, but that was fine, all we missed was the initial instructions which were printed on the test. Everything was going well, the problems didn’t seem too difficult and I felt pretty confident in my knowledge. So far nothing out of the ordinary. But then it happened

200_sA little background. Everyday at 3pm I go to the gym and workout because you know it’s good for you. So anyways to make sure that I remember to go I have an alarm set to go off every weekday at you guessed it 3pm. Particularly observant readers may see where this is going.

Yes Baby, it's true
Yes Baby, it’s true

My alarm went off during the exam, oh and no my phone wasn’t on vibrate (even though it should have been which was weird). But all was not lost, luckily the volume on my phone had been turned all the way down, so the little ringtone was barely audible, at least to me. I was not going to spend the next 2 hours (really more like hour and a half) with a vibrator in my pants, but one of the TAs was standing not 20 feet from me. I couldn’t take out my phone to turn off the alarm lest his judging eyes deem I a cheater.

and Gilmo don't cheat
and Gilmo don’t cheat

And so as sneakily as I could I pulled the still vibrating phone out of my pocket and immediately threw it in my packsack, hoping the large pack would muffle the viberations. A breathed a heavy sigh of relief. That ordeal had me quite thrown off and I was glad to be rid of it. Now I could finally relax and finish up my test in peace.

But it wasn’t that simple, it could never be that simple. A few minutes later I thought I heard something. A rumbling perhaps, no it was nothing. There it was again. I stopped and listened ever so carefully. It must have been the air vents, the fan was on, surely that was what was creating the noise. There it was again, this time louder. Surely, it’s just stress, there’s no way you can still hear it, I buried it deep underneath a pile of books and clothes. It has to be my imagination, it has to be. Louder still, pulsating. Can a fan make that noise, of course it can. It’s just the wind. The noise wouldn’t go away. I tried to keep going, but I couldn’t. The noise was too distracting. It was all I could think about. Surely I must be hallucinating, this is all wrong.

Yes, after about 10 minutes of reenacting The Tell-Tale Heart I came to my senses and realized that yes it was indeed my phone, continuing to vibrate inside of my backsack (as phones are wont to do). Of course all I did by throwing my phone into my backsack is make the job of turning it off all the more difficult. Now I had to reach down in there, and fish for it under all that crap, and then try to turn off the damn alarm. By now though, it was far too distracting, so I waited for the TA to turn his head and I quickly found my phone and turned it off. After that whole ordeal, it took like two seconds and was extremely painless. And so everything turned our alright in the end, I finished my test with hours to spare, and headed home to, quote, “totally go blog about this later”.

Mission accomplished
Mission accomplished