Exam Week 2014

Today marks the beginning of exam week, or as I have taken to calling it: “5 Exams, 5 Days!” That way it sounds more like an epic drama than a grueling series of 3-hour tests with the potential to derail all my hopes and dreams. Haha ha…ha.


No, it won’t be that bad. Two of my exams are non-cumulative (read:awesome) and a third is optional. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t been taking things seriously. No, I’ve gone back through my notes, caught up on the textbook reading I never read, and just generally hunkered down with my Powerade and my Chex Mix.

Brain Food
Brain Food

I love how much you learn the day before an exam. I mean sure I pay attention and even take notes (I know aren’t I an insufferable knowitall), but even still, I only just yesterday realized what line integrals were, a subject we’ve been talking about for the greater part of a semester.

Let me calculate your flux baby.
I’ll calculate your flux all damn day!

I did have my first exam of the week today, and it went quite well. You remember that statics class I was whining and moaning about earlier this year, yeah well that was the exam I had today. Don’t you worry now, the class improved after I wrote that particular rant, and I’d say the test to day went a pretty pretty good. But what do I know, every time I say a test went well I end up with an awful grade.

Anyways, I should probably get back to studying now. Just picked up a fresh bag of Doritos so I should be good for another couple hours or so, at which point I’ll probably return to procrastinating again. See you then!

And that should just about fill my meme quota for the month
And that should just about fill my meme quota for the month