The brand new Orion Capsule launched for the first time today, which means WE’RE BACK BABY! NASA’S BACK AND BETTER THAN EVER! MARS GET YOUR CRAP TOGETHER BECAUSE WE’RE COMIN’ FOR YOU! Oh man oh man, this is fabulous, but in case you have no idea what’s going on let me fill you in.

So for the longest time we had that fancy (but largely impractical) space shuttle thingy. You know this guy:

*bsssshfffrrrraaaaaaaaaachchchchchchc* (rocket noises)
(rocket noises)

Well a few years ago we retired our fleet of shuttles, and for a while we had no manned space vehicle. People complained, we grabbed a ride with the Russians (who we were tight with at the time) and we all went about our business. Well while you were lamenting the loss of the most complicated man-made machine of all time, the folks over at NASA were busy working on a new vehicle to recreated the movie Interstellar with (but like, for realsies this time).

And so I present to you the Orion Capsule:

Why hello you sexy beast
Why hello you sexy beast

I know she doesn’t look like much on the outside, but this ship can do the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs! Just kidding, but it is the workhorse of the next generation of manned space flight, and the very vessel that’ going to get us to Mars and back.

Now there’s plenty of bad news floating around at NASA: shrinking budgets, cut backs and the like, so Orion won’t fly again until 2018. But today’s not about that. Today is a day of celebration for the next era of the American Space Program, besides I’ll be working at NASA in 2018 so it’ll be all good.

Alright now let's get the Space Launch System up and running
Alright now let’s get the Space Launch System up and running

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    1. With current technology yes, we can only go one way, but the idea would be to develop new technologies that would let people come back. The reason that Orion is so exciting is because it marks the beginning of our campaign to land on Mars, Orion is the capsule that astronauts will ride on their way there.

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