Everything is Awesome

Man oh man what a turn around. Last week I was sad, grumpy, and otherwise disgruntled but let me tell you I am on top of the world! A lovely turn of events has come my way and it is fan-freaking-tastic. Jeez where to begin. How’s about a little mood music.

(Full disclosure: I am not currently, nor have I ever been in possession of a “golden ticket”)

Ok first off, I went to see Interstellar this weekend and it was INCREDIBLE! I could be a curmudgeon, and complain, “oh you’re orbital maneuvers are impractical!”, but I’m not because Interstellar is beyond reproach. Matthew McConaughey is awesome, Anne Hathaway is awesome, that little girl from the trailers is awesome, oh yeah, and (spoiler I guess) Matt Damon just shows up halfway through! Like you thought you were just off on a sweet space odyssey and oh hey it’s Matt Damon, how can you not like Matt Damon?! I will say it gets very, um, “Christopher Nolan-y” in the final act, but kind of works. Go see this movie, go see it again, and then go see it a third time for good measure, it’s that good!

thumbs up my friend
I give this movie: space thumbs up

That in combination with our nearing proximity to Thanksgiving, probably accounts for 60-70% of my giddyness today, but there also happens to be a few “smaller” items to mention. For one I officially got into my Study Abroad program so I will see you bitches in Ireland summer 2015. I also did pretty well a recent Statics test, which always helps. My workout today went exceptionally well (I just felt good you know?), and  No-Shave November is going surprisingly well in the beard growing department. I also watched another movie on Sunday called In A World… which was short, but also a pretty fabulous film. And besides that I have been feeling fresh lately, both in the clean and well-rested sense, and in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sense.

If I didn't have calc homework I would totally photoshop my face onto that picture
If I didn’t have calc homework I would totally photoshop my face onto that picture

The result has been a feeling of awesomeness I haven’t felt since the Clinton years! I’m on the up and up baby! Things can only get better too, I’m gonna go home, eat the crap out of some turkey, and mashed potatoes, take 800 million pictures of foliage, then go home for a few days and reunite with the gang over either Denny’s or preferable wings.

The choice is yours boys
The choice is yours boys

Of course there’s only one way this hot streak can end, and it involves me drowning my sorrows in a 5 gallon drum of maple syrup. It may be sticky, but at least it tastes like home (a phrase which couldn’t possibly be misconstrued in any way). But until then I’ll be content dancing like a fool and singing along to Le Mis.