Gilmo’s Urban Dictionary Volume 2

Hold on to your hats ladies and gentlemen because it’s time for the long awaited sequel to Gilmo’s Urban Dictionary!

Shagtastic (adj.)- Any person or action that closely resembles the thinck, knotty, semen infested shag carpeting of many 70’s basements.

Example: “Dayum, that new Xbox One is shagtastic!” or, “I must say, that horse is pretty shagtastic”

It's kinda rajit though
It’s kinda rajit though

Datum (n.)– A fancy word for science types to yell between a chorus of “Eureka” and “Deoxyribonucleic Acid!”

Example: “Stymie, fetch me some Datum!”, or “Egad! Datum! “

Brolationship (n.)– The strong and immortal bond that ties two bros together. Brolationships often involve bizarre mating rituals and a series of duties and/or a moral system, colloquially called a “bro-code”.

Example: “Dude you gotta start upholding your end of the brolationship.” or “Their brolationship is really going strong after their bro date.”

Eskimo Brother status not required
Eskimo Brother status not required

Vajay Jay (n.)– A small bird with a pair of signiture wings often called “flaps”. Vajay Jays are very common living on all of the continents except for Antarctica. They generally live in warm, moist, and otherwise humid climates.

Example: “Gatzooks! It’s a Vajay Jay!”, or, “Look honey, I think I’ve spotted the Vajay Jay!”

Actually never mind, that's a Blue Jay
Actually never mind, that’s a Blue Jay

Bro Date (n.)– Two guys just having a good time out on the town, nothing weird.

Example: “I had a really nice bro date tonight”, or “are you excited for our bro date”

That about sums it up
That about sums it up

Crowdsource (vb.)– The act of putting all your work on the internet so random people can do it for you.

Example: “Gilmo’s Urban Dictionary is now Crowdsourced! Send all your definitions to!”

Oh, so it's just like the other (more popular) one now...ew
Oh, so it’s just like the other one now…lame

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