The Life of Matt

Ahhhh, time to brush off the old keyboard, and get back to the blogosphere. Sorry I’ve been gone away so long, let’s just say I’ve had a lot on my mind the past few week or so. Anyways it’s been a while since we’ve talked, so let me fill you in on the Life of Matt (coming soon to a theater near you).

Coming Soon to a theater near you
Luckily the awful facial hair is no longer a part of it.

Things are a bit hectic here at Georgia Tech. It is both exam and registration week, which means everyone is either freaking out about failing statics tests, or freaking out about how they didn’t get into Thermo. On top of that I also have study abroad stuff to deal with, seemingly endless amounts of homework, we’re out of groceries, and that’s not to mention the giant (and I really mean giant) zit that has been festering on the left side of my face since last Thursday! Now ordinarily I don’t really tend to stress out about those things, in fact I pride myself on being the cool level-headed guy, but I’d be lying if I didn’t say I wasn’t a little on edge.

Bet you didn't see that coming
Bet you didn’t see that coming

Perhaps I’m being a little melodramatic. This semester has actually been pretty great. My friends finally agreed to play Settlers of Catan, I caught up with my old friend Vishnu, I went to a football game, and then there was the Hoodie Allen concert.

Ok so maybe I haven't quite mastered concert photography
Ok so maybe I haven’t quite mastered concert photography

Not to mention it’s almost halloween which means I get to bust out the old candy corn nipple hat, put Monster Mash on repeat and pig out on a mountain of candy. Plus it’s a great opportunity to repost Salad Fingers to all applicable media platforms:

And the great thing about Halloween is, that means it’s only 3 more weeks until thanksgiving, my favorite turkey-based holiday.

In other news, I just completed watching all 8 seasons of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, which I must say, was quite good. I also read The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown; it was a really short read. And I added some more entries to my “awesome ideas” note on my iPhone.

Now hopefully I will get my crap back together, I’ve got a lot of things planned. I got a cool new photoblog thing I’ve been working on (which I may have to outsource to tumblr), I’ve got a few arts and crafts ideas, an advice column idea, some hijinks in the works and my sister recently sent me a 5-pound bag of chocolate chips, so expect to see something from chef Gilmo in the next 2-6 weeks. I’m not making any promises though, any of my frequent readers can tell you, a lot of my ideas are less than enjoyable in practice.

AAAAAAAnyways, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to the monster mash:


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