Matt’s Photoblog Monthly: September

Oh crap it’s october already?! Damn September went by fast. Luckily for you however, I do have a few photos worth showing off. The focus this month was on editing. Anyways let’s get to it: “Matt’s Photoblog Monthly: September 2014”

Hey you remember that rainbow I was telling you about last time?

Turns out it's not all that uncommon
Turns out it’s not all that uncommon

So yeah, So I was walking by that darned fountain again, and guess what I saw, another rainbow. Well given how well the last one turned out I took another one. It’s a bit better, the rainbow’s a little more visible, so there’s that. Now I mostly just feel silly for freaking out last time. Welp, that’s enough of that, ONWARD!

This next photo is, “The Ocean’s Call”

Damn so artsy
Damn so artsy

If you follow me on Twitter you may remember this picture from a little bit I did called #badart a little while ago. And as for my editing skills, I’d like to claim that this was really hard…but no…it was a program…I literally just pressed a button. But hey, it still looks pretty cool right. That’s coffeeshop quality right there.

Alright one more of me

What is this magical cube device?
What is this magical cube device?

Ok, I’m going to be honest, I reeeeally like this picture. It’s actually an old one I took for this here blog a long time ago, but that filter just makes it look awesome. I know that goes against everything I’ve said before, but dammit this picture looks boss. Alright now let’s look at something that actually took effort.

I’d like to introduce you to my friend Space Giraffe

Don' nobody steal my idea
Coming Soon

Space Giraffe is an idea from a while ago that I may or may not have told you about a long time ago. Hold on…Google is telling me you’ve met him before. Alright cool. I won’t go into Space Giraffe’s full background (I’ll save that for another time), but I will fill you in on the making of this cover-photo. It was hand-drawn, by me, and then manually colorized-via the computer. Considering how bad I am at drawing, I am in love with this picture, it actually looks legit. That, of course, until you compare it to anyone else’s drawing skills and I’m back to feeling incompetent.

And finally we have the logo of my personal Aerospace Company

Reaching Space and Space-adjacent territories since 2013!
Reaching Space and Space-adjacent territories since 2013!

Oh yeah…Space Whale Aerocorp…yet another blog post I have yet to write. Ok so last year I “created” an “Aerospace Company”, and because I like space and whales, I named it Space Whale Aerocorp. Alright cool, you’re caught up. Just like before this logo was hand drawn and then manually colored-in on the computer. I’ll admit, the text is a little weak, but otherwise, I’m proud of my little logo, it’s cute, it’s simplistic, and it’s space-y. Fun fact, the stars in the middle of the logo are in the shape of Cetus, the whale constellation.

Man I am just giving away all of my future content today.

"The Goose is in the Castle"