College Fatigue

Everyone goes into college with the exact same attitude. Every new semester starts with some mix of pure excitement, and naive optimism. This year I’m finally going to start studying for my exams! I’m going to be so outgoing this year, I’m gonna keep my door open and everything! I am going to clean my room everyday! I am totes gonna party…it…up! And then week 5 rolls around and all you want to do is lay in your bed all day eating Doritos.


College never stops. It’s just a never-ending stream of homework packets, and lab manuals. College doesn’t care that you stayed up until 2 in the morning playing Cards Against Humanity. College doesn’t care if you’re a morning person, or a night person. College will eat you up and crap you out 4-years later a well rounded adult (metaphor kinda took a weird turn there).

Highlighters, folders, AND a globe! My word, you got some learn!

Usually sometime around the first mid-term week everyone gives up. Either you’ve found that despite studying your still awful at Javascript, or your just too tired from those three consecutive all-nighters to even be conscious (that’s really bad for you don’t do that). NO matter what you will lose the will to try. It’s inevitable. And that is when you will fall asleep watching Netflix

Yeah "netflix", he was definitely watching "netflix" all night

It is at that point you will find out what kind of human being you really are. Yes, it isn’t illicit substances, or vaguely homoerotic experiences that will set you down the path to self-discovery, it’s lack of sleep. Two things happen when you’re tired. Firstly your guard comes down, you stop filtering your thoughts, and your true personality begins to shine through the psychological barriers you’ve built up over the years. And Secondly you have to make decisions: which do you value more, getting an extra hour or two of sleep, or going to your physics lecture.


College is surprisingly good at cutting through the BS. If you’re honest about trying to do better in school, then you’ll get up and go to your 8am recitation as painful as it may be. But if you’re just saying that you’ll stay home and sleep. If you’re a social person you’ll go party, if you’re a bookworm you’ll stay home and study, and if you’re like me you’ll stay home writing cheeky blog posts and watching Bob’s Burgers.

My apologies for the awful quality

Speaking of which, my Netflix is getting cold, cya!