Matt’s Photoblog Monthly: August

A new month means a new installment of Matt’s Photoblog Monthly! You guys are all excited I can tell. Well August features two very different sets of pictures. During the fist half of August composed my final precious weeks of summer vacation, and the second half was the beginning of the school year. Where last month I covered all of the requisite photography bases, this month I tried to focus on two things: animals and selfies. However my animal photos are crap so you’re going to see mostly selfies and landscapes. Ah, but I’m spoiling everything, let’s get on with it. Here is the second installment of Matt’s Photoblog Monthly.

Hey, you know what’s great? America is pretty great. ma JUST LIKE A WAVIN' FLAG!

So I don’t know why, but at some point during the summer I decided that flags were really cool. I don’t know why, but for some reason I felt compelled to take pictures of all the flags. Maybe it was some left over zealous patriotism from 4th of July or something, but either way I spent way too long trying to get a picture of an American flag with the wind blowing just so. Well this is the best one, again I’m not sure why I decided flags were the bomb, this picture is incredibly boring. Let’s look at something prettier.

How about some rabbit butt?

dat ass

As it turns out animals don’t take to kindly to being chased around a backyard by some bumbling idiot with a camera. This is the closest I ever managed to get (while staying in focus), and needless to say, it makes for a less than pretty picture. I like to think that Bertrand here (yes I named him Bertrand) is looking back and saying, “I VERY MUCH WOULDN’T LIKE TO BE YOUR DINNER!”

And now for perhaps my favorite picture of the bunch.

You gotta respect a man in Teva's
You gotta respect a man in Teva’s

Now this picture combines two things I love: nature, and (more importantly) me. Look as I peer, stoically outward, into the heart of the world itself, wondering, why, why god why has the world become so engulfed in hatred and suffering; why can’t the peoples of the world learn to live as one? Also because I look pretty badass. Now hold on to your hats because it’s about to get artsy up in here.


Oh look at those sweet shades. Look how they contrast so sharply with the whites and grays of the background. Can you say new Profile Pic? Alright now that I’m done basking in my own beauty let’s go to Georgia shall we?

I call this next one, “Why are we here?”

I'd like to point out the table fort taking shape on the left
I’d like to point out the table fort taking shape on the left

I don’t really know what’s going on here, but I’ll give you my interpretation of the events. So I went out walking one day to find a nice spot to read my book and to take some pretty pictures, upon arriving at the student center I stumbled on this shindig. This particular picture was taken later in the day, but I can tell you that it wasn’t anymore packed earlier on. Near as I can tell it looks like the world’s saddest concert. Piano recitals get better attendance than whatever this was. But look at how much dedication these people had. Not only did they put up a stage and some tables, they brought couches. That is a lot of dedication to watch a bunch of half-drunken frat boys “play” on an otherwise pleasant Saturday afternoon. I’d keep talking, but I feel like I’m being mean for making fun of them so much.

Look it’s a rainbow (kind of)!

Butterfly touch the sky, I can fly twice as high, READING RAINBOOOOOOW!
Butterfly touch the sky, I can fly twice as high,

After photographing whatever that musical hellspawn was back there I returned to ground level to take some more pictures. (To give you a sense of setting that big building in the background is the one I was standing on in the last picture). Naturally we have a giant statue/water fountain next to our green so I went over to take some pictures of water (because water’s pretty right?) when I saw this. I nearly dookied my pants I was so excited. The sun was in the perfect spot so it cast this brilliant rainbow across the fountain. Naturally I pulled out my camera and snapped 800 million pictures. Aaaaand this is the best one. Not only is the rainbow tiny (framing it with the massive statue was a bad idea), but the colors barely show up.  Can you tell I’m not a professional photographer?

And lastly we have “The Desolation of Man”

God is dead.
God is dead.

Okay I have to be honest. That’s a statue. I know surprising right! Anyways in front of one of the Arts buildings is this statue of some guy that I guess people really liked. Out of pure boredom I took a close-up of his face, only to find the liquid depression that is his expression. Why is he so sad, like someone murdered a baby sad? Considering the statue was accompanied by a bunch of quotes that all read, “he was really cool!” I can’t imagine why the sculptor decided to go all Heart of Darkness on this one. Naturally with such a depressing statue I decided to take an irreverent selfie with the bloke.