In the normal course of events I find myself with quite a bit of free time. Whether it’s because I left my headphones at home, or because I scheduled all of my classes for Monday Wednesady and Friday, I have more than enough time to think about…stuff. Well fairly often during that time I think up ideas for stuff to write about. Granted it’s usually dumb stuff like: “Giraffes have funny faces, YO I SHOULD TOTALLY WRITE A POST ABOUT HOW WIERD GIRAFFES LOOK!! Yo that’d be so dope!”

I mean just look at that proboscis
I mean just look at that proboscis

The problem is instead of writing down my ideas like a smart turtle, I just say to myself oh yeah I’ll do that later. But of course in between I’m gonna write about giraffes and actually writing about giraffes is usually about 6 hours of walking to class, taking notes, eating lunch and eavesdropping on a particularly juicy nearby conversation. So naturally I forget.

Damnit Brian, this isn't helping!
Damnit Brian, this isn’t helping!

But of course what I forget is not that I had thought of something to write about, what I forgot was the something. So here I am sitting in my room, deadline approaching, just thinking to myself, what the hell was I going to write about, and transcendentally could I actually write an entire post about giraffes and their stupid faces?

I'm not gonna lie, there's a lot of material there
I’m not gonna lie, there’s a lot of material there

But my first world troubles don’t end there. Because being that it is the internet, I will constantly get distracted looking up reading breaking news stories, or watching random Youtube videos, or even just looking up more dumb animal pictures.

because you can never really have enough of those can you?
because you can never really have enough of those can you?

Well by the time I do finally get my crap together it’s about 8 o’clock and all that’s left is a dumb piece about how hard it is to write. It’s just a blog, not world peace, stop complaining.

If you enjoy silly pictures of giraffes then don’t miss out! August means it’s Month of Madness, so we’ll be bringing you a new post everyday for the rest of the month. Of course if you have a suggestion for an other animal you’d like to see proudly displayed here making silly faces, send all you comments, questions and suggestions to GilmosWorld@gmail.com, people are standing by 24/7 to answer your emails, although because of daylight savings time it’s really more like 16/5.3,