Class is Now in Session

Welp, classes started back up today. Which naturally means walking around collecting syllabi like nobody’s business. Well that and finding ways to spend as little on textbooks as is humanely possible. Overall it was a pretty average day, although I did start to notice something odd.

No not that people keep stealing the letter T off all the buildings.
No not that people keep stealing the letter T off all the buildings.

I don’t know when it started but recently every single class comes with an online portion. I have no problem going online to fill out my homework, I do however have a problem with shelling out an extra 200 bucks to get the textbook AND the activation code, because you know they don’t just sell the activation code by itself, you also have to buy the $150 Econ textbook that you’re never going to read in order to just get access to the homework. Even then it wouldn’t be that much of a problem if every class used the same system. Fine I’ll use WebAssign, but don’t make me also sign up for MyMathLab, WileyPlus and 80 other different online platforms. By the end of the day I’m spending more just to get access to the stupid homework than I ever would have on textbooks. What am I paying you flippin’ tuition for?!

Damn you mandatory online subscription fees!
Damn you mandatory online subscription fees!

It makes total sense why they do this. The college likes those online websites because they sound cool, and they get to use sweet buzzwords like “synergy” and “technology” not to mention the obligatory “innovation”. Professors like it because they don’t have to deal with mounds of papers, and they can have the computer grade everything. And most importantly the publishers like them because they A) can charge more for the added online portion, and B) can force you to buy a new version of the book, because used ones don’t come with an access code.


But Maaaatt! Online resources help students to learn more effectively, while infusing critical technology skills into the curriculum. DON’T YOU PATRONIZE ME SLUT! Just because you string together a bunch of buzzwords doesn’t mean what your saying is true (or meaningful). I can tell you 100% that all that online crap doesn’t do a damn thing. Hell Cracked is more useful to my college education than flipping WileyPlus, and it’s an internet humor website that specializes almost entirely in dick jokes! No I will not sit here and by squeezed of my last remaining funds because of a lazy professor, a stupid college administration, and a sleazy publishing industry, this is a goddamn injustice!

Where's Batman when you need him?
Where’s Batman when you need him?

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