Gilmo Makes a Movie

If you’ve been paying attention to my blog the past few days you may recall me talking about a little project I was working on called: Solitude. Well today is the premier! Now don’t judge me too hard, this is the first real short film I’ve made, so I don’t expect to win any Oscars. It’s just a simple little movie about what happens to a person when they’re devoid of human interaction for an extended period of time. Enjoy!

I sincerely hope you enjoyed my little film, and if you should decide to share it, well then I love you. If all goes well I hope to make more dumb movies like these, so stay tuned.

And remember a post a day keeps the August away…er…a post a day means it’s august today, so it must be August Month of Madness because that’s how it works, hurray? Anyways send your suggestions to As a token of my gratitude here’s a corgi taking a nap in a divet.

Look at the puppy!
Look at the puppy!