Titanic: The Movie

Titanic: the colossal blockbuster about one of the most colossal maritime disasters in the history if man, or at the very least the most talked about. It was a smash success as droves of movie goers watched as Leonardo dicaprio and that girl lived the sinking of the titanic first hand. It was so successful infact that it would become the highest grossing film of all time (depending on how you measure). Now I was 5 when this movie came out so I’ve only come to learn the broader cultural context of The Titanic in retrospect, but as a kid I was obsessed with this movie.

As I’ve already explained I was really into trains as a child. Except it wasn’t just trains that I liked, I had a fine appreciation for anything that moved, pretty much any kind of large elaborate vehicle. And man did I have a thing for the Titanic. Now whenever this gets brought up people always have one of two reactions. The first is usually some kind of mocking “haha you liked titanic” followed by a girly laugh. Yes I realize it’s a girly romance film, let’s get those laughs out of the way now. You good? The second is something to the effect of “your parents let you watch titanic?!” Again I was 5, I didn’t watch much less understand the naughty bits. To be totally honest I didn’t care about the romance aspect of the movie. I just wanted to watch the ship crash!

Tee hee hee
Tee hee hee

Say what you will about James Cameron’s movies, but the man knows his special effects. Sure Avatar may have had a dumb plot, but you have to admit it looked damn sexy. So hell yeah I watched the titanic, scene where the BLODDY thing sank was awesome! You can’t show a kid a video in which a 52 thousand ton boat lifts completely out of the water and then snaps in half and not expect him to love the crap out of it. It was so cool!

I can hear your next complaint, oh but so many people died! I mean yeah, it’s the titanic, but I don’t think any 5 year can even comprehend the concept of death. I mean I knew a bunch of people died, I mean I knew EVERYTHING about the titanic (I didn’t just stop at the movie), but it didn’t mean anything to me, I was 5, I was too focused on “poop deck” jokes.

oh don't look at me like that
oh don’t look at me like that

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