25 Things I Did This Summer

So at the beginning of my summer recess, as the academic call it, I made a list. You may recall it was called “25 Things to do This Summer” and it did quite well. But of course you can’t make a list of things you are going to do with out later making a retrospective on how many of those things you did or did not accomplish. Now let’s go through the list and debrief them at the end shall we:

Did someone say Air Bud?
Did someone say Air Bud?
  1. Visit my Alma Mater- Yup
  2. Climb a mountain (just about any one will do)- Done, twice
  3. Go for many a bike ride- absolutely
  4. Walk around in the wilderness- of course
  5. Build a potato cannon, commence plot to take-over the world- sadly no, but I did make a trebuchet instead
  6. Finish my secret project (don’t worry I’ll fill you in later)- kind of, remind me to tell you about it later
  7. Get a book, read it- yup
  8. Reignite my legendary Guitar Hero Career- Oh I rocked some socks off
  9. Fly my drone- Never got around to doing this one
  10. Go to Dankin Farms, get all the free samples- Hell freaking yeah I did
  11. Make Bacon Pancakes!!!- You be your ass I did, although they weren’t as good as I was expecting
  12. Go Camping, meet a moose, name it George- went camping, didn’t meet any moose though
  13. Bike to Burlington and get a Maple Creemee- I ate so many delicious creemees
  14. Go adventuring- Got my grade A adventure badge right here
  15. Make some of my world-famous chicken wraps- yup, pretty much everyday for lunch
  16. Hang out with my friends (kidnap them if necessary)- luckily I didn’t need to kidnap them
  17. Go Kayaking (other water sports are acceptable)- actually went yaking quite a few times (that’s what the pros call it)
  18. Big Daddy’s third voyage!- Sadly no, Big daddy
  19. Burn things- Oh I burned some stuff, but I didn’t get the chance to burn all the stuff.
  20. Go Stargazing- I have the grainy pictures to prove it!
  21. Picinic?- Didn’t get a chance to hangout with Yogi Bear unfortunately
  22. Go sailing as much as possible- I only went once this summer, but hey, one is infinitely more than zero
  23. Late night hiking/biking- Not really no, but I suppose I could go in the next few days
  24. Get a job, I guess-HAHAHAHA lol
  25. Maximize Hammock Time- I did my best, but making movies and writing blog posts takes up a lot of time
Oh I also made this
Oh I also made this

I did most of the things on my list, 20 out of 25, that’s not even counting the other thing I did, like learning to play the guitar, getting really into photography, watching psych on Netflix, and making a flipping movie! Speaking of which my movie Solitude will be released this friday! so stay tuned for that. Overall it was a very successful summer, I had a lot of fun, did a lot of relaxing, and even jumped off a few cliffs, and honestly there is nothing I would rather do than spend my summer hanging out in Vermont. To put it briefly there is no place I’d rather be. But alas now it is time for me to get ready to go back to school, so if you’ll excuse me I have some packing to do.

'sup wit chu?
‘sup with you?

Don’t forget it’s STILL August Month of Madness! Funny how those month things are so long. Well as long as it’s still August you’ll still be reading a post a day. As always you can send your blog suggestions to GilmosWorld@gmail.com, feel free to send me literally anything (well not literally anything, figuratively anything). In addition the world premier of my new short film Solitude will be this Friday! Trust me, you won’t want to miss it!