Let’s Go Swimming

One of my favorite parts of summer is swimming: chilling in the water, nothing to do, just floating around, sayin’ what up to my fish friends. There are few things that are even remotely as enjoyable. It’s a staple of the classic American summer, and one I couldn’t live without. Luckily I live next to a lake (suck it), and so I have free, unlimited, and unadulterated swimming access. Now I’m not saying I totally forgot to write a blog post today and am now rushing write one before my deadline, but I’m also not…not saying that either.

You know what else swims? Jellyfish.
You know what else swims? Jellyfish.

One of the big places to go is Red Rocks. It’s a state park, with the worst beach on the lake, however it has some dope cliffs that some enterprising young individuals like to jump off of. Now I’m not a big fan of jumping off of things. I don’t mind heights but I have an intense fear of falling. A perfectly rational fear to have I should point out, jumping off of tall things is a good way to get yourself killed, so please excuse me if I’m not amped about jumping off a perfectly good rock. But nonetheless my friends like to go, so I humor them, besides it’s a great photography opportunity.

How dope is that?!
How dope is that?!

The cliffs there come in several different varieties, there’s the 10ft, 13ft, 20ft, 26ft, 46ft, and of course the 75ft one that everyone keeps dying on. Now I should say that I’m not certain that the 75ft cliff even exists, but every time some one dies at red rocks its always claimed to be on the 75ft. So moral of the story, don’t jump off anything taller than a dinosaur. Like I said I’m a little bitch so I mostly stick to the 10 and 13 ft jumps, but I’ve been known to jump off the 20ft cliff once or twice. Because you know, I’m a badass. Anyways here’s another picture:

And now for something completely different


If you’re like me you probably have your phone with you at all times. If it’s not in my pocket it’s always with in arms reach, with very few exceptions (Don’t worry this is going somewhere). Because of this I am always used to having my phone, I’ve trained my brain that my phone is always in my pocket, like one of Pavlov’s Dog’s. Ordinarily it’s a good thing, but when I go swimming it results in an intense paranoia. See whenever I jump in the water I become intensely paranoid that my phone is in pocket and thusly ruined. And so I’ll be swimming around and every 10 seconds or so I’ll think to myself, “AH MY PHONE!!” then throw myself at my pocket only to realize, oh wait I’m an idiot, my phone is sitting on the shore where I placed it. Needless to say I always end up feeling very silly.

Who's a good little Psych experiment? You are! Yes, you are!
Who’s a good little Psych experiment?
You are! Yes, you are!

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