Matt’s Photoblog Monthly: July

I firmly believe that pictures were meant to be shared. What’s the point of owning a fancy camera and taking nice pictures if you’re the only one who’s going to see them. Plus it’s my blog so I can do whatever the hell I want. So here is part 1 of (what I hope will be) my new multi-part series: Matt’s Photoblog Monthly, a complication of the best pictures I’ve taken over the past month.

Let’s start with some flowers:

IMG_0183I’m a big fan of Macros, mostly because they’re easy to take and the look cool. This isn’t the nicest looking Macro I’ve taken, but I like this flower in particular, because that center part has some really interesting geometry. I don’t know I just like it.

Next up is the obligatory Landscape:


I was going to use a more typical landscape, you know, blue skies, green trees, and a few mountains in the back, but then I remembered this picture. Just before sunset at Kingsland Bay Statepark. I love the nice oranges and yellows as the lights rays are scattered throughout the atmosphere, just downright beautiful.

Enough of all the nature let’s get a Selfie up in here:


Now you’re probably wondering why the picture is upside-down. It’s a logistical thing, I found it was easier to flip the camera back than to try and turn it around, and after taking enough of these pictures I’ve come to like that upside-down perspective, so much so that my Twitter and Facebook profile pictures are now upside-down, it really flips things on their head (HA!).  As a side note I’m thinking of changing the name of my fake production company to “UpsideDown Productions”. Anyways, yeah, that’s my face.

Bear with me for a moment because the next picture is a cheeky bit of Astrophotography:


As a word of warning I would not recommend zooming in on this picture. I have yet to master pictures of the night sky, so while this photo looks cool from a far, a closer inspection only yields a blurry, granny, disgusting looking picture. I’ll spare you the details, but the night sky is one of the more challenging natural phenomenon to photograph, especially if you have the wrong kind of lens like me. In any event I’ve been really into astrophotography lately. I really want to photograph the milky way. I blame Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Next we have me staring way too intently into a fire:

To answer your question: yes, I'm wearing Crocs.
To answer your question: yes, I’m wearing Crocs.

I have two version of this picture, and this one’s a little blurrier, but I like the framing better. What I really like about this picture is the striking contrast between the warm fire, and the cold blue background. I also love the fire streaks, makes the whole thing feel alive.

Lastly, is perhaps my favorite photo of the whole bunch:


Now at first glance it just seems like an ordinary photo, of my friend Ronak. Oh hey Ronak, you’re really happy…for some reason. But then your eye casual drifts down to the bottom right corner and oh, what is that? Wha-OH GOD WHO IS THAT PERSON!? Honestly there’s nothing better than a good Michael Guo photobomb.

If you’ve made it this far through this personal pat on the back, I thank you, and here is your reward:



Don’t forget it’s August Month of Madness, and you know what that means! Free Ninja Puppies!

In case you were confused, no I did not take this picture.
Stealth Mode: ACTIVATE!

Actually no, sorry. It means a new post everyday for the rest of the month. If you have anything you’d like to see me talk about in a semi-comedic fashion then send your suggestions to, and as a thank you I’ll send you more awesome photos of corgis, as well as a free shoutout on this here blog ( twitter handle included free of charge, tumblr page though, that’ll cost you).