Garbage Day!

Some movies are just awful. But something funny happens to the movies that are especially terrible. For some reason they seem to become so bad that they fall off the scale entirely and re-emerge at the top of the scale as something entirely different. I am of course referring to movies that are “so bad, they’re good.” And of course no discussion of awful movies is complete without: GARBAGE DAY!

Ah, what a beautiful scene. The reason we love these awful movies so much is because when something is that bad, it becomes laughable. But not every awful movie is made the same. But what is it that makes a movie like Valhalla Rises cringeworthy, while a movie like Metal Man is hi-larious (sorry I won’t do that again). Well it all depends on a number of factors.

First and foremost is special effects. They can’t just be bad though, just ask Godzilla (1998), no they need to be ridiculous. The effects may be bad, but the premise has to be awesome. It needs to be so bonkers and just off the walls that I can laugh my ass off. To see what I mean just look at the classic “so bad, they’re good” movies. You have your Godzillas:

Your Giant Shark vs Giant Octopus:

And your Birdemics:


The next factor is acting. Much like everything else it has to be absolutely terrible. There are two ways of achieving this. You can either use a washed-up actor past his prime who over-acts everything a la Wickerman:

Or you can just have a terrible script that sounds like it was written by 3rd grade ESL student. Par Example: The Room

Lastly and most importantly is belief. The person making the film has to believe in it. What makes these movies funny is the seriousness with which they are taken. You need to have very serious people acting (or at least trying to) in serious situations in order to get that juxtaposition that turns  a movie from bad to “so bad it’s good”. So if you want to make a movie that’s so bad it’s good it’s like that person from spongebob always said (that one time), you just gotta believe!