25 Things to Do this Summer

Probably the best thing about school is the three months of the year that you are set loose upon the world. Sweet Jesus am I glad to have my unfettered freedom back. A day of zero commitments is a day worth celebrating. Now I don’t take my breaks lightly. I only have so much vacation left, and so I need to make sure to squeeze out as much fun and enjoyment as physically possible from what will probably be my last summer vacation at home in Vermont (good god that’s a terrifying statement). In the spirit of my all-time favorite childhood movie Recess: Schools’s Out, there’ll be time for growing up later, for now let’s have some fun.

I’ve learned over my close to two decades of existence that simply having free time isn’t enough. Unless you want to end up alone, bored out of your mind with nothing to do for three months, you need to plan. Far too often have I said, “Oh we’ll get together, we’ll have fun” only to spend my entire vacation sitting by myself in the basement like a bloody plebeian, because oh yeah Sam has to go up to his camp this week to help clean!

So this year I’ve created a list of things to do, to ensure ultimate summer enjoyment.

To do:

  1. Visit my Alma Mater
  2. Climb a mountain (just about any one will do)
  3. Go for many a bike ride
  4. Walk around in the wilderness
  5. Build a potato cannon, commence plot to take-over the world
  6. Finish my secret project (don’t worry I’ll fill you in later)
  7. Get a book, read it
  8. Reignite my legendary Guitar Hero Career
  9. Fly my drone, name him Bertrand
  10. Go to Dankin Farms, get all the free samples
  11. Make Bacon Pancakes!!!
  12. Go Camping, meet a moose, name it George
  13. Bike to Burlington and get a Maple Creemee’
  14. Go adventuring
  15. Make some of my world-famous chicken wraps
  16. Hang out with my friends (kidnap them if necessary)
  17. Go Kayaking (other water sports are acceptable)
  18. Big Daddy’s third voyage!
  19. Burn things
  20. Go Stargazing
  21. Picinic?
  22. Go sailing as much as possible
  23. Late night hiking/biking
  24. Get a job, I guess
  25. Maximize Hammock Time

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