Why do We Create?

Why do we create? What is it that compels us to go out into the world and make things? Our lives won’t end Apple stops making phones, the world won’t end if Clint Eastwood stops making movies, and Armageddon wouldn’t be upon us if I decided to stop writing my blog (don’t worry readers, I’m not going anywhere). So what is it that compels millions of people everyday to create? The answer lies in those subjectively squishy little things that most people just call emotions.

It feels good to be recognized. Everyone has something they’re good at, whether it’s sports or video games, or a seemingly limitless supply of utterly useless knowledge about 80’s music. Having someone come out and tell you that the stuff you’re making is awesome, is incredibly gratifying, it makes everything seem as if it was worth it. Who cares if you spent 150 hours recreating Daft Punk’s Get Lucky in Mario paint composer, if it’s awesome and people like it that’s time well spent (or if you prefer seizures, that really hard song from Guitar Hero 3).

The honest truth is that we are all afraid of being forgotten. We’ve all wondered what it would be like if we suddenly disappeared, would anyone notice? Would people miss us? Creating content is an answer to that question. When we making things we change the world, we put our dent in the universe as a certain deceased tech mogul would say. Making things, whether it be an underexposed blog, or a giant pumpkin slinging catapult or a lasting friendship (yes, that counts) we make the world a better place.

I'm not trying to add anything, I just really want this shirt
I’m not trying to add anything, I just really want this shirt

But you’re probably wondering, how in the world does a humongous pumpkin firing trebuchet make the world place, regardless of how badass it is. Well when you create things affect people, you cause them to change, you convey a message. If it’s comedy you make people you make them laugh, if it’s a drama, you force them to think about a subject, and if it’s music then you make people rock, hard (lol dat double entendre). And when you do that you profoundly improve their days. Try to imagine your life without your favorite show, imagine how miserable you’d be, well there’s a prime example.

This is my creation #SpaceGiraffe
This is my contribution #SpaceGiraffe

When we create we make peoples lives profoundly better, we contribute to the discussion, and society gets that much better. So I challenge you to create something, whatever it may be. You can make a song, or an awesome video or even just a dumb picture like mine. Because when you create things, you make people’s lives better, and your life gets better because of it. So make something today, be it big or small, simple or complex, you have everything you need, all it takes is a little creativity (well now I’m just getting rambley). We are all part of Creation Club (don’t worry I’ll explain next time).


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