Writer’s Block

You you can just tell this is gong to be a good article can’t you. I mean there’s nothing in the title that would suggest otherwise. Every writer at some point or another will come down this horrible condition. Suddenly it is as if the world is devoid of ideas, and none of the words I write have any meaning. I’m not sure why but nothing is clicking. So if you were wondering what I was going to talk about today I’ll just clarify, I’m going to complain for 500 words then maybe I’ll give you some advice if I have time before Calc.

And it’s not just today either, I’ve had writer’s block for the entire week. On monday I started and subsequently stopped writing four different articles, before I miraculously thought of the idea for the one I ended up writing (which no one read anyways so I’m starting to think it wasn’t so miraculous). And then today we spent 90% of my English class brainstorming ideas for our close reading paper, which is about How I Met You Mother by the way (aka my wheelhouse), and my idea bucket remains empty (idk something about daddy issues?).

The really painful part about writers block is it doesn’t feel like it should be an issue. Like if someone has hemorrhoids (why was that the first thing I thought of?) your like whoa, that guy has hemorrhoids, I feel bad for him, he should like take some time off or something, that sucks. But if you have writer’s block the response is something more like, suck it up, you have plenty of ideas on the 364 other days of the year, so why not today?! It’s not like you have hemorrhoids like that other guy, stop complaining and get to work! This is all happening in my head if you were wondering, there isn’t like a guy sitting next to me yelling because I can’t think of anything to blog about (if that were the case they would probably telling me to stop blogging).

See even now, I’m running out of ideas of things to complain about, but I haven’t even reached my 500 word goal! Gatdamnit! Yet another annoying thing about writer’s block, it even inhibits your ability to express your discontent about having writer’s block (looking back at 3 seconds ago, I don’t like that sentence, meh). Uuuugh, what a pain in the bum hole.

So what is causing this, why can’t I write anything without immediately hating it and throwing it in the trash? I think I’m honestly just being overly critical of myself.  For example during that How I Met Your Mother brainstorming session, I did have an idea. I could talk about how Barney always wear suits, the I could talk about how this says a lot of things about him yadda yadda yadda (something about daddy issues?). But then I threw out the idea because, it didn’t relate to enough elements of film or some crap like that. And so began a downward spiral, you say to yourself that you don’t have any good ideas so you can’t write anything, so you have writers block. And then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy, you say to yourself that you have writer’s block, and can’t think of anything to write so you don’t write anything, and now we’re here.

Alright we soared past 500 words and I have about 5ish minutes before calc starts so now I will answer the question, how do you get rid of writer’s block? By doing what I just did, by writing. You can imagine writing as sort of like a pipe, you put in your ideas and things, maybe some research if you’re into that stuff, and then out of it flows words, and sentences, you know writing (starting to think that this is a bad metaphor). Well sometimes the pipe gets clogged, and the best solution for a clogged pipe is to just cram as much crap into it as possible (yeah that was a terrible metaphor). Look all I’m saying is that if you want to get rid of your writer’s block, you just have to get the juices flowing, just write about literally anything. That’s what I did in english and that’s what I’m doing now, I just wrote down everything that I though pretty much verbatim, and it worked…ok, I guess.