Sick Day

There aren’t a whole lot of things worse than being sick, expect for maybe war, death, poverty, natural disasters, and- ok so maybe there’s a lot of things worse than being sick, but it still sucks. The fatigue combined with the inability to fall asleep, the unending threat of vomit, and the snot, oh don’t get me started on the snot.  If you were to do a chemical study of my room right now you would find that it’s composed of about 80 or 90 percent nasal secretions at the moment. It honestly feels like I’m leaking.

This is the face of death and despair
This is the face of death and despair

It doesn’t help that gone are the days of the marvelous sick day. Back in High School all I had to do was get my mom to call the office and I could stay home all day playing video games and drinking orange juice. Now that I’m in college I’ve come to realize that there isn’t really any room for the occasional sick day.  Back in the day if you said you were sick people would say, “oh I’m so sorry to hear that, you should go rest, I hope you get better soon. Where as today it feels more like, “hey arseface, the world doesn’t stop because you got the sniffles, suck it up and get back to work.”

Nostalgic BS aside, college definitely seems to lack the empathy of the days of yore. If you miss a test that sucks for you, but the teacher’s not going to wait three weeks for you to make it up. The expectations don’t move just because you don’t like them. I suppose it’s a good lesson, but still, a little sympathy would be appreciated.