Well the time has come and 2013 is finally coming to a close. Praise whatever diety you do or do not believe in. Being that it’s the end of the year I thought I’d hop on the retrospective bandwagon, hell if youtube can do it, why can’t I. Full steam ahead for terrible pop culture references!

It was yet another year filled with terrible pop culture references: Miley Cyrus got slutty, everyone and their mother forwarded me eighty billion Harlem Shake videos (it still isn’t funny), Robin Thicke danced around with some naked women, and Get Lucky is still damn catchy. But let’s be real, 2013 wasn’t any different from 2012 or 2011 or any of the years before that (so like 2009), it was just another year of stupid kids doing stupid stuff, and I love it! What would life be if we couldn’t watch a grown man dress up in a fox costume and yell about talking foxes (beats the hell out of “Gangnam Style”).

The new year is such a wonderful time. So many great things have happened that I can’t help feel incredibly optimistic. Few things are more exciting than looking at how far we’ve come, and thinking of how far we can go. If you haven’t gathered yet, I’m talking about more than Pop Culture at this point. We live in the most peaceful time in human history, crime, poverty violence, illiteracy, are all on the decline! On second thought just read this whole Cracked Article and tell em you don’t feel amazing.

That’s not to say that bad things still don’t happen. Thousands are still dying in Syria, people are wrongly imprisoned everyday (although they did free Pussy Riot), the NSA is spying on everyone (honestly, who didn’t see that coming?), people still don’t care about global warming, and now South Sudan is spiraling into Chaos. But where many see death and despair, I see hope and opportunity. Mankind has always had it’s problems, but every year that goes by is another chance to make progress no matter how incremental. 2014 is our chance to make a difference, our time to stand up for the poor and neglected. I can already tell 2014 is going to be awesome even if it means we have to live through another round of stupid news stories.

Idealistic rants aside, personally I had a great year. I started this blog, and you all have responded with an amazing out pouring of support. I graduated from High School and learned the ropes as a College Freshman. But most importantly I had an unreal amount of fun with my friends both old and new. I have lot of things planned for 2014 both blogging related and otherwise.

So here’s to the New Year, to the promise of a new beginning, the opportunity for progress, and another year of pop culture phenomenon that I will surely make fun of.