Things I learned this Semester

Well my first semester here at college has come and gone. Through projects, and presentations, and exams, I some how managed to survive. College is a busy time, but now it’s break and time to relax. But before I hope on a plane and head back to the great state of Vermont, I’d like to share with you some of the great things I’ve learned over the semester.

  1. Taco Bell doesn’t go well with studying.
  2. Late classes are the best classes.
  3. 3 hour labs are a bitch.
  4. Nothing is more comfortable than a sweat suit.
  5. Never go in the shower barefoot.
  6. Pop Tarts are the ultimate breakfast.
  7. Never buy milk two days before break.
  8. Chic-fil-a is delicious, despite being a terrible name.
  9. You probably won’t use any of those text books.
  10. You can’t stay in your room playing video games all day.
  11. The dining hall is x80 more delicious at 3 in the morning.
  12. Burke’n’socks are an acceptable form of footwear.

    It's a legitimate style choice!
    It’s a legitimate style choice!
  13. Stale Fruit Loops are disgusting.
  14. You’re never too old to play Pokemon.
  15. Always have spare batteries.
  16. Getting locked out sucks!
  17. If someone asks you to go do something with them, always say yes.
  18. Orbital Mechanics is a fickle mistress.
  19. Exploring is soooo much fun.
  20. No one cares about you or anything you do, so do whatever you want.
  21. Cleaning dishes is a pain in the ass.
  22. Having fast internet is amazing.
  23. Communal bathrooms are grody.
  24. Reading is fun!
  25. Hot Pockets do not qualify as food.
  26. Teddy Roosevelt was a badass.
  27. The League, Wilfred and Portlandia are awesome shows.
  28. Netflix is one of the greatest inventions in all of mankind.
  29. Buying your own food is weirdly satisfying.
  30. Starting a new TV show the day before your exams is always a bad idea.
  31. SnapChat is a thing.
  32. Reginald is a swag monster.

  33. Notepads are hella useful.
  34. Your screenplay isn’t nearly as good as you think it is.
  35. Georgia Tech Students have to take health…I learned nothing in Health.
  36. Tiny Death Star is weirdly addicting.
  37. Other people don’t know what Creemes are.
  38. I have so much respect for my friends.
  39. The Biotech department has way nicer buildings than the Aerospace department.
  40. Ladies love BME.
  41. I look ridiculous when I dance.
  42. Folding laundry is the best time to bust-a-move.
  43. Having your own printer is pretty useful.
  44. I do my best work when I’m procrastinating, #procrastinationstation.
  45. When you buy a stapler it doesn’t come with staples because the world hates you.
  46. Who needs a calculator when you have Matlab!
  47. Georgia is really hot, and super foggy.
  48. Something other than The Walking Dead was filmed in Atlanta.
  49. If I had a film crew and a bunch of money, I would be so happy.
  50. I love blogging.