Before we dive head first into the christmas season, I’d like to take a second to give thanks for all the wonderful things in my life. First and foremost I’d like to say thanks for my week off over thanksgiving. It’s grueling constantly trying to live up to your impossibly high expectations. I need a breather every once and a while otherwise I’m gonna keep coming up with crap like Adventures in Clarksville! 

Next I’d like to thank all of my Facebook friends who I don’t actually know for continuing to exist. Your incessant rants and continual bitching, when not excruciating, are rather enjoyable. The high point of my day is reading about how much you hate the skank who you work with. So thank you, it’s so nice not knowing you, although I will say, it hasn’t really helped the ego.

I’d also like to thank my friends who are in the process of filling out their college apps.  Your unbearable suffering has reminded me how stupid college admissions are, and how freaking fantastic it is to be done with them. Watching someone else drudge through the same ridiculous process that I had to endure brings me such immense pleasure that I can’t thank you enough.

I’d like to thank the British. If it wasn’t for you insatiable lust for colonial holdings, and your unparalleled hatred for the French these great United States would never have become the country that it is today. America is a great place, where else can you buy a crossbow, 12 big macs, and a killer pair of Uggs, all in the same store! And to think it’s all because of a centuries old geopolitical conflict with neighboring France.

If I can be serious for a moment I’d also like to thank all of my friends (and my family, but that goes without saying) for being so awesome. Rarely do you meet a group of such talented, intelligent, kind, fun, respectable, and just all around amazing people. And I’d like to thank you guys for reminding me this week of how much I love you guys. I’m also thankful for my new friends her at Georgia Tech. We may not be as close as Floral and Friends, but we’ll get there, besides, the bar is set pretty high.

Lastly, I’d like to thank you! Honestly I wouldn’t be able to keep this site running if it wasn’t for all of your support. I may joke around, but it really is hard work running a site like this, but it’s all your amazing feedback that makes it worth while. So thank you, in all sincerity, thank you.



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