Aw crap. It’s friday, and I don’t have anything to write about. At least on monday I had Ender’s Game to talk about. Well poop. I guess I could kill time by telling you what’s going on in my life. So here’s the deal, incase you haven’t heard (or clicked on any of my links) there’s this hi-larious website out there called Cracked. The cool thing about Cracked is they’ll let you write for them if you have the skills and the creativity. I saw that and said to myself, “hey Matt, you are a well-loved comedic writer of a (barely) popular blog on the inter webs, you are the perfect kind of person to write for Cracked!” (well that’s what Brian  said). So over the past few days I’ve been formulating a bunch of ideas for articles. Here’s the thing though, I am really bad at coming up with ideas. See on here I can basically do/say whatever I want, but with Cracked there’s rules about stuff. Here I can usually come up with a good enough idea about 30 minutes before my personal deadline, whereas with Cracked I am struggling hard. Each time I think of an idea that might work I get really excited, start researching it, then either loose steam or realize that it wouldn’t ever get accepted. So needless to say I’ve been a little distracted from the blog (which is funny because normally my blog is the distraction). So what does this mean for you my viewership (all three of you)? Well for the next week you can probably expect posts like this one, me forgetting about the blog until about 9 o’clock when I realize I should probably post something. After that though you can probably expect to see all the Cracked articles I started that weren’t up to their standards. Hopefully I can think of some good ideas this weekend otherwise I might have to abandon the endeavor, wish me luck! In the meantime watch this video of Spongebob singing Skill-rex: