Clip of the Week

If you didn’t already know, I used to be “part” of a band way back in middle school. And I use the term part very loosely. What actually happened is I hung out with them (because they were my friends) and ate their cookies, while calling myself the manager. It was all good fun, we played a couple of gigs, and then like all good bands we eventually broke up. Actually the reason we broke up was because me and Sam started doing Indoor Track and so we had meets every Saturday when we would normally practice, so we just stopped getting together, so there, another reason track is evil, it broke up our band. Anyways I’m getting way off track (lolz). So why am I telling you this? Well because it’s been high time since I embarrassed Sam publicly and so I’ve decided to make this week’s clip of the week one of Keeping it Alive’s “sold-out” “performances”.

from left to right: Moritz, Caleb, Banderson, and Dr. Sam MD. PhD.