My Favorite Day of the Year

Happy Early Admissions Deadline everybody! It’s one of my favorite days of the year behind tax day and the day when you have to go donate blood. Having fun filling out all those applications, and supplements, and all that garbage? Good, because I already suffered through it and now I get to laugh at you while you rile in pain. Hahahaha, your suffering makes me happy. Anyways I have lots to talk about so let’s get to it.

Let’s get the boring stuff out of the way first. I’m sorry to say that I’m taking Adventures in Clarksville off the official schedule (sorry the one guy who actually reads those). They’re not getting the attention I want out of them, plus I’m feeling lazy (it doesn’t help that I started playing pokemon again). You’ll still see them from time to time, it just won’t be every week like before.

In other news today marks the first day of No-Shave November, my favorite of all of the facial hair based months. I’m told some Australians call it november, but that’s a terrible name. It’s No-Shave November and that’s final. Before I get started though I’d like to apologize in advance to my roommate who has to live with me and what is soon to become my disgusting facial hair for the next month (maybe two depending on how I feel about Don’t-Shave December). I’ll be going especially hard this year, we Vermonters especially enjoy the opportunity to work on our hipster mustaches or mountain-man beards, depending on which one you are.

Don’t worry I only have one more announcement. In honor of…something, this month will be: Nostalgic November (to be followed by depressing December). Every monday I will be posting a fun story about something that’s happened to me or that I’ve done. So be sure to check back every monday, usually around 6, to find another fun story or tale of adventure. I can’t think of any kind of precedent that would suggest that this plan is going to fail miserably.